Hype Chat: Kim Kimble Shares What Beyonce Has Taught Her and Working on ‘Beyonds The Lights’


Hype Hair: When you first started doing hair, would you have imaged it would’ve evolved to also a TV career?

Kim Kimble: No! I always knew that in addition to doing hair I wanted to educate people about how to take care of their hair and keep it healthy, but I had no blueprint put together on how to do this and reach a large audience. I certainly never imagined that I would be on a TV show.

HH: Do you see yourself expanding L.A. Hair to other cities like ATL, Houston or NYC?

KK: I definitely see myself expanding the Kimble brand. I’m not sure if the show itself will expand to other cities, but I definitely want women all across the country to be able get the Kimble experience wherever they live.

HH: What’s the worst hair situation you’ve ever helped a client with? 

KK: I had a client one time who had a triple bond—a bond on top of a bond on top of a bond. When she took it out, she had bald patches! It was terrible! I had to nurse her hair back from the brink, and luckily we managed to get it healthy again. But my advice is to never bond the hair, and certainly never a bond on top of a bond. There are healthier options for extensions, like braids or clip-ins.

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