Hype Chat: Shekinah Jo Talks ‘Weave Trip’ and Maintaining Healthy Hair

Hype Hair: How long have you been doing hair?
Shekinah Jo: Well, I started braiding hair when I was 12. Professionally, with license I’ve been doing hair for about 6 years.

HH: Was Tiny your first celebrity client?
SJ: Yes. She was my first celebrity client. Well, Future was my first. He wasn’t a celebrity back then but I’ve been doing his hair forever.

HH: I feel like nobody who actually knows you, Shekinah, would be surprised that people took to you so well and loved your personality. Were you surprised?
SJ: Yes and no. Because I’m a hairstylist, people always came around to joke and laugh. People always have told me I’m funny or “Shekinah, you need your own show,” so it’s almost like they spoke it into my life. And it actually happened!

HH: How has being on TV changed your clientele?
SJ: The show actually slowed my clientele down because I have to work a lot. Sometimes I’m out of town and people will start going other places when you’re not available for them. I feel like every time I get off the show, I have to reinvent myself. Let them know that I have time for them.

HH: Are they usually OK with it?
SJ: They’re human and they want attention too. So they’re like, “Okay, you have to do Tiny’s hair, but what about my hair?” So eventually they started getting into their feelings about it. You know how that goes.

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