Wink Natural Cosmetics: BOGO For The Cure!


No matter how many beauty products we’ve tried over the years, there will always be a degree of excitement that come from buying and trying new products, but we don’t always get the results we hope for!  There’s always room for improvement in the world of cosmetics. So a start up company out of MIT, dedicated to solving women’s toughest beauty challenges using real science and all natural ingredients promises users just what we need … Results!

Wink Cosmetics’ first project is a eyelash and eyebrow enhancer aimed at helping women regrow hair. Drawing inspiration from the inadequacies of their competitors, they have created what they believe is the “perfect formula for enhancing and revitalizing eyelashes and eyebrows naturally.” The serum uses essential fatty acids to stimulate the growth of dormant hair follicles. Wink hopes that, within two weeks, you will be able to say goodbye to false lashes and pigments and hello to visible results. The goal is to help women achieve the look they dream of and to especially be a help to those who have undergone chemotherapy and hoping to regain their femininity.

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