30 Years Later: ‘The Cosby Show’ Hair Moments We’re Still Inspired By

the Huxtable ladies hair

Can you believe it’s been 30 years since The Cosby Show first aired (yes, we feel instantly old by this news)? But can you you also believe the Huxtable family almost didn’t saw the light of day because so many networks rejected it. Luckily, NBC gave it a shot.

Can you imagine the show that set the bar for fashion, family values, and entertainment, especially for blacks, not existing? How epically disastrous is it to think Clair’s sophisticated style, Denise’s ever-changing tresses, and Cliff’s iconic sweaters may have never changed our lives for the better. Just thinking about it gives us the shivers.

But Bill Cosby’s family values-driven series was given a a chance and it not only did it revive the dying network, but it changed our ideas on how to dress from head to toe forever in the greatest possible way.

Today we’re remembering the Huxtable families greatest contribution to hair with the best hair moments from The Cosby Show. 

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