Hype Chat: Traci Braxton Talks About Her New Look & The Best Advice She Received From Toni

traciHype Hair: I want to talk about your style and image. You’ve definitely changed it up and recharged.

Traci Braxton: I had to, girl! I was not happy with myself. It had to take me going to the doctor and my sisters really looking at me, because I was never that big before. But let me tell you, I was depressed. Food was good and I was eating it every day. It was my best friend. I just worked out and my eating habits got so much better.

HH: And you look good. The one thing you and your sisters are known for is your hair and how you all change it up. You’re red again!

TB: I was my mom’s weird child. This lady at my dad’s church would say that she would come every Sunday just to see what color hair I had.

HH: What inspires your style? Is it based on your mood?

TB: It’s actually based on my mood. Sometimes I love it when it’s pulled out; you may see me in a short hairstyle. Who knows?

HH: Are there any hair products that you use everyday?

TB: I use Dove shampoo and conditioner. I don’t really use much of anything else aside from Dove.

HH: Do you have any hairstyles that were your absolute favorite?

TB: I love having pixie cuts, and sometimes I like wearing long hair. But in the summertime, that’s not good for you. It’s too hot. I’ll tell you one hairstyle that I’m never gonna do again, though. When my hair was blonde and I was rocking that and I had purple on in Europe, I was looking like Ursula. Chile, that was a big no! It was a lot and it even took a lot of my hair, too (laughs).

HH: Do you get any style tips from your other sisters?

TB: I don’t get tips from anyone. But we just watch each other and we put our own twist on something. We do it all the time, but we never say it to each other (laughs).

HH: That’s funny. So, let’s talk about this album, Crash & Burn. How would you describe your new sound?

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