Hype Chat: Baltimore MUA Talks Postpartum Hair Loss

Post partum hair hypehairHype Hair: When did you first notice something was wrong?
Shanice Akilah: When I took out my weave about 6 months post babies. My hair felt brittle and I had terrible shedding and weakened edges. My edges seemed to be completely gone out of nowhere, uneven hair, hair thinning in the middle of my hair. Scary stuff!

HH: Had you heard about the condition before you experienced it?
SA: No. My hairdresser brought it to my attention about my hair looking and feeling different.

HH: How did you treat it?
SA: Initially, I stopped using chemicals for about 6-9 months. I had a partial weave in the middle of my hair for thickness and I had intense conditioning treatment. And then I wore braids for three months.

HH: How long did it last?
SA: A little under a year.

HH: Did your hair recover?
SA: Yes. After I took out my braids, a wonderful protective style, I was able to literally cut away the dead hair & start fresh. My thickness came back and I can tell my hair is growing like it did pre-baby.

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