Hype Chat: Sherri Saum Shares Curly Girl Tips & Favorite Makeup Brands

Naturally Yours: Sherri SaumSherri Saum got her start as a model and quickly landed her first role as an actress on the daytime soap opera Sunset Beach. Since then, she’s appeared on sitcoms such as Girlfriends, CSI: Miami and in her latest role as Lena in the critically acclaimed ABC Family show The Fosters.

As a naturalista with a head full of glorious curls, we had to know how the starlet keeps her mane attraction in top form. Here, the new mom of twins shares her thoughts on all things curly and more.

Hype Hair: We love your curls! What is your day-to-day hair care routine?
Sherris Saum: I do very little to my hair because it gets so much manipulation at work. I toss it into a ponytail and add some Argan oil to keep it hydrated.

HH: What are some of your favorite haircare products for curly hair?
SS: I love Mixed Chicks, Moroccanoil and Kerastase.

HH: In what ways do you like to experiment with your naturally curly hair?
SS: I really don’t experiment. I’ve found it’s the key to health. I try to leave it in peace!

HH: Do you blow out or straighten your hair often? If so, what styling tools and techniques do you use to straighten it?
SS: I almost never straighten my hair, but if I do, I do a traditional blow-dry from wet works, and just make sure it’s well conditioned! I used to try it for certain auditions, but I have found that times are changing. Just because I might audition for a role as a lawyer doesn’t mean they want to see straight, tamed hair.

HH: How often do you visit the hair salon?
SS: I visit the hair salon about every five months.

HH: Can you share any of your hair care tips for curly hair?
SS: Try not to bully it. Keep it trimmed, hydrated and loved, and don’t try to force it into unnatural states.

HH: Switching gears, what are the top three beauty products that you can’t leave home without?
SS: Chapstick, mascara and a good attitude.

HH: What is the one tried-and-true skin care tip that you swear by?
SS: You should always remove all makeup (even mineral makeup) before bed.

What are some of your favorite makeup brands and products?
SS: I love NARS and Make Up For Ever at work. At home, I don’t use much more than MAC sunscreen and MAC mascara.

HH: When it comes to makeup do you prefer a more natural look or do you like the glam looks better?
SS: Natural please!

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