Hype Chat: Chris Curse Tells Us How To Keep Our Hair In Check During A Night Out

chris-curse-hairstylistHH: What are some of the beauty trends you’ve noticed?

Chris Curse: A little bit of the extending of the eyeliner with the cat-eye. I also have been noticing everybody wants a statement lipstick and it needs to be bold red, bold pink, and even a bold green. Now, I wasn’t a fan. I thought I had gone to The Wizard Of Oz (laughs).

HH: Knowing that it’s the summer and it’s hot, I want to make sure my hair looks great when I first walk into the club until I leave. What tips do you have to make sure my style will last throughout the night? 

I often talk to my ladies about transitional styling. Let’s just say you’re wearing extensions and they’re curly. Once you’re out and it starts to get warm, a very easy thing to do is you can pull your hair over to one side and then actually do a small fish tail braid. Pull it all into a cluster and, in the restroom, just go ahead and fishtail it over to one side and you can take a bobby pin and pin it. Now you have given yourself a side swoop, but you still have all of that texture. It’s messy and flirty.

You can also never go wrong with oversetting. If you want to wear your hair down all night, then I would recommend you get some hot rollers before leaving. You have the extra curl to your hair and as it’s going to be warm and humid, it’s going to fall into a nice wave. The key is to separate your hair down the middle and you can curl in one direction. Curl inwards. By the end of the day, you end up with two different styles. You started off a little curly, but by the end, it fell into a beautiful wave. That way you don’t feel distracted by it. Hot rollers are everything.

HH: Are there any products to swear by to maintain style?

CC: A good flexible holding spray is going to give you enough hold to keep you going, but it doesn’t make you hair stiff and untouchable. It’s something you can use daily without having too much build-up. One of my favorites is by Amika because it smells so beautiful.

It’s also really important to have some type of heat protecting serum because at the end of the day, every girl leaves the salon and says, “I’m not going to put any heat in my hair.” But if you’re going to use it, please have some protective serum. If someone’s budget conscious then the ORS, formerly known as Organic Root Stimulator, has such great quality ingredients in all of their products that you can’t go wrong. They have a serum in their hair repair line that’s absolutely delectable.

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