Hype Chat: Chris Curse Tells Us How To Keep Our Hair In Check During A Night Out

Chris Curse 002Hype Hair: Tell me a little bit about your campaign with Remy V.

Chris Curse: The first year is all about letting people know who I am, what the brand is and see if people respond. I’m doing visits to selected salons and customer appreciation events, asking salons to let their clients come in and do a little tasting.

HH: What are some of the tasty drinks you’ve loved from the campaign?

CC: The one that is my heart is that ginger cucumber. That one slice of cucumber gives it such flavor. I don’t necessarily like sweet, but what gives it that little extra sweetness is a little sugar in it and ginger beer. It gives it a nice refreshing kick without it being weird.

HH: During the Remy V campaign, there was also a contest for some of the best selfies. What tips do you have for making the most out of your selfie?

CC: I love when they are in full regalia. When you’re at work, take 15 minutes in the restroom. Do something to your eye, your lip and put on a little bronzer. With your hair, even if it’s not curled in a style, I want a very tall ponytail, so that way it looks like you intended to not do your hair. All of this will take no more than 15 minutes, so that’s 15 minutes to fab. Mascara, bronzer and lip gloss and you look fresh. Make sure the eye contact with the camera is giving the mood your want with your selfie.

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