Hype Chat: Celebrity Hairstylist Ray D Talks Weave Care and Working With Prince

Ray D

Hype Hair: When did you know you wanted to get into hair?

Ray D: Actually I just stumbled into it while I was in school for criminal justice. I was surprised at how much of it came to me naturally.

HH: How did you get started?

RD: I honestly never thought this was what I’d be doing. It all started when my best friend asked me to try and do something with her hair one night. Afterwards, I saw I had done a pretty good job and decided to go to cosmetology school. I practiced on my cousins, aunts and friends. They all got burned a few times but they encouraged me and allowed me to perfect my craft by practicing on them. I became an apprentice to Kim Berry (Prince’s personal hairstylist for years), she helped get me started and the rest is history.

HH: Which do you like more: editorial or press/red carpet?

RD: My favorite to do is press/red carpet. I just like the glitz and glamour of it all.

HH: What do you think of the state of the hair industry? Seems like hairstylists are gaining more clout and becoming household names thanks to reality tv and social media.

RD: It’s great. There’s never been a platform for hairstylist. Social media allows us to have an inexpensive way to promote ourselves and our brands.

HH: Favorite celebrity to work with?

RD: Honestly, I love all my girls. I haven’t worked with a celebrity who I haven’t liked. The ladies I work with are all down to earth and generally good people.

HH: How exhilarating was it working with the legendary and iconic, Prince?

RD: Working with Prince was quiet [laughs]. No seriously.

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