Hype Chat: Malinda Williams Gives Advice On Maintaining Your Signature Cut

Malinda Williams

Hype Hair: What are some of your favorite hair products during the summer?

Malinda Williams: I’m a foam girl. I love a wrap foam! I love how it lays my hair down and I do find a difference in how I can keep a style using a foam versus just blowdrying it. I’m working with Dr. Miracles and they have a great styling gel. I’ve been playing around with styles where I can just let it dry naturally and add a little styling gel to the sides and the back.

HH: Do you have any favorite summer hairstyles? 

MW: I tend to lean towards my back and my sides tapered short. No matter how long I let the top get, I have to have those edges on the side and the very nape of my neck really, really short.

HH: Did you always have this interest and knack for hairstyling?

MW: I actually worked in a salon for five years when I left high school. My aunt owned a salon and I did nails in another salon in New Jersey. I went to cosmetology school and really it was one of my dreams. I had two dreams; one was to be an actress and one was to be a beautician, so it was really ironic when I started playing the character of Bird on Soul Food. I grew up in a home where my mom was the neighborhood go-to lady. She did hair in her home, so she was also a cosmetologist.

HH: Are there pieces of advice your mom taught you that you still use today?

MW: Definitely. About two days ago, I was in the shower and washing my hair and one of the things that always sticks with me that my mom always reiterates is that, you wash your hair with hot water and you always rinse it with cool water. When I can remember to do that, especially in the shower, and you turn your water to cool, it becomes a cold shower [laughs]. You’re not always eager to do that necessarily but it really does help with the shine. It smoothes out the cuticle and it closes the cuticle, so it really does make your hair a lot shinier and it gives it more body.

HH: You’ve been in several of our favorite movies. Are there tips that you learned from the glam crews on set after being in various roles through the years?

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