Hype Chat: Model Cheeno Grey Talks Mane and How To Take A Killer Selfie

Cheeno Grey

Hype Hair: You definitely have a signature look on Instagram that includes your grey hair with a bold lip. What are your favorite lipsticks to wear with your hair?

Cheeno Grey: I love doing a dark look. It really depends on my mood, especially with the way I dress. It depends on my mood and the way I style my hair. Even if it’s the same color, I’ll do something different with my eyes. My go-to is a smoky eye. I think it’s cool to wear black lipstick.

HH: With you dramatic lips, we know you have to have a great face. What makeup do you use?

CG: I use MAC, but I’m transitioning to Makeup Forever HD. It’s like an everyday makeup. MAC is for when I go on set. MAC lipsticks are good too and the lip stains from Makeup Forever.

Hype Hair: Even with your great makeup, you naturally look fierce taking selfies. Do you have tips for taking a good one?

CG: First of all, you have to have good lighting. If I don’t have good lighting, I can’t take a good photo. My phone is not an iPhone, but my camera is good [laugh].

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