Hype Chat: The Cut Life’s Tahira Wright and Garmai Momolu Discuss Keeping Your Cut Cute This Summer

The Cut Life Germai and TahiraHype Hair: How did both of you decide on your current hairstyle?

Garmai: When I was younger, I used to pull my hair out and I was diagnosed with Trichotillomania. Multiple times in elementary and middle school, I had to cut my hair short because I pulled it out so much. I didn’t really stop until maybe eighth grade. I looked down at this book and it was just hair everywhere. From that day on, I was like, okay, I have to do something, so I just kind of did the braids. I never really felt like myself until I cut my hair in my 20s out of want and desire. It was just shaved; it was different. I personally identify with the woman that I am when my hair is short. I feel more connected with that woman when my hair is short.

Tahira: I cut my hair my senior year of college out of necessity because I had tried so many things with color and chemicals, and I didn’t take great care of my hair all of the time. The cut was okay, but it wasn’t great. I grew it back out and let my hair get long, and in my mid to late 20s, I cut my hair off again just because I wanted a different look. At first, I had sort of an inverted boband then I got addicted to scissors and just kept cutting it.

Hype Hair: What are your top three hair products?

Tahira: I’ll give a shout out to Dr. Miracles Renewal Relaxer. I wear a certain style of cut, so I like to keep it smooth and straight with this product and have the option to curl it if I want. I also use their Edge Control in between appointments because I like to keep those baby hairs in check. I’m not really a product junkie when it comes to my hair, but I have to have my special comb. It has a pick on one side and the fine tooth comb on the other side.

Garmai: Even though I’m natural, I’m not a natural Nazi. My thing is conditioner. My hair is really thick and really, really curly. When I’m washing it, I use the Pantene Relaxed ‘N’ Natural Co-Wash. I usually put it in my hair and put on a shower cap to let it sit. I use the Dr. Miracles Edge Control also because I have the braids and it keeps the edges contained and in tact. Some things dry you out, but I use Moroccanoil. I need to have my braids smelling good for the summer.

Hype Hair: What’s an annoying misconception about short hair?

Garmai: A lot of people think having short hair means you don’t have to do anything to your hair but sometimes you have to do even more. I had to go to the barber every week (when I had my hair shaved). I just didn’t like my line messed up personally [laughs]. And, it’s not like you can hide it. I didn’t have enough hair to put it in a ponytail. You have to be honest about what you can do and that’s really about understanding your lifestyle and what it’s gonna take.

Are you both encouraging friends to cut their hair for the summer?

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