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12 Style Rules to Break This Year According To…Me (Duh)!

Mix Shades

1. No white after Labor Day

If no one was supposed to wear white after Labor Day, then where did the term winter white come from, huh?

2. You’re not allowed to mix and match patterns.

Unexpected combos can be cute and fun. Who cares if it doesn’t match?

3. Nail polish has to match toes

I mean, are you really going to change your nail color with every single outfit? No! So live a little and paint what you want on your fingers and toes.

4. Gold and silver never go together

It’s an awesome combo that you can put together, especially when layering. I’m personally not the biggest fan of silver-gold all-in-one jewelry, but if a watch is stacked upon bracelets upon bracelets, my girl, it’s magic.

5. NO mixing shades

If pink comes from the red family, then wouldn’t it make sense for them to be paired together?

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