Parting Ways With My Shellac Manicure

200265999-001I’ve officially decided end my long term relationship with Shellac manicures. While there are no hard feelings, I have found a product that better suits my nail’s wants and needs, and will no longer be needing its services. I’m not an acrylic user so I originally thought shellac was heaven sent. It’s convenience cannot be denied, but because I’m a bit obsessed with the health of my nails, it wasn’t long before I had a laundry list of complaints.

For one, I have a really hard time committing to a color I would actually want to wear for a full 2 weeks. I’m very indecisive when it comes to nail polish. In fact, there are times when I want to change my nail polish to compliment one particular outfit, which brings me to my second complaint: why can’t you remove your shellac manicure without damaging your natural nail?

The removal process caused my nails to break so easily! Hang nails galore left me feeling not so beautiful from the wrist down. And while I love the glossy finish and extremely fast drying time, I became very skeptical of those UV machines you’re required to put your hands in. Seeing a news piece warning shellac users to protect their hands against harmful rays was all I needed to reaffirm my position: my relationship with shellac is over. (We have irreconcilable differences!)

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