Step By Step: Keeping It Sleek

Step By Step SleekWe love the simplicity of long and sleek looks. They are easy to maintain, and they also make a great foundation for building other fabulous styles. This simple yet sensational style that can work for any occasion and our stylist Schacle created this look with the sew-in weaving technique and she gave us all the deets on how to achieve the look!

1.Cleanse and condition the hair with moisturizing products.

2. Blow-dry the hair using a hand-held dryer with a comb attachment.

3. Apply a light botanical oil throughout to fortify and strengthen the hair.

4. Separate a portion of your own hair around the perimeter of the crown area.

5. Cornrow the rest of the hair straight down toward the nape.

6. Sew tracks of hair onto your braided foundation.

7. After the hair is completely installed, blend the portion of loose hair in the front with the weave hair to create a more natural look.

8. Create a center part and then flat iron the hair completely straight to finish the look.

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