Organization 101 for Product Junkies

Product Junkie Are you a product junkie? No matter if you prefer to be dubbed a beauty enthusiast or a hoarder, one thing’s for sure, you have more products than space in your home.

Just a few weeks ago my own bathroom counter was filled to capacity. I could barely wash my face without knocking over one of my many must-haves or even see myself in plain view in my vanity. I finally decided that the next free Saturday I have will be dedicated to cleaning up the ugly mess my beauty kingdom had become. Needless to say, I found some good stuff to start organizing my goods. Everyday household products will now make rummaging through piles of products clutter to find the one thing you need a thing of the past. Let’s begin on how to clean up the mess.

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About The Author

A writer, bookworm and self proclaimed beauty junkie. Ask me if I've tried it before you buy it. Getting to the goods, one beauty product at a time! @Tenoiya