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How To Create A Fool-Proof ‘Pin-Up Perfect’ Winged Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner Did you know that years ago I was a makeup artist for like…2.5 seconds?

WAY back in the day I brought tons of books and watched a lot of YouTube videos and taught myself how to do makeup. My partner and I hadn’t made any connects in the industry and couldn’t afford a professional makeup artist for our shoots (I was also a photographer and graphic artist). For a minute, I thought that’s I what I wanted to be. UNTIL I realized that I only liked doing my own makeup. Hence where the term beauty enthusiast comes from. Looking and feeling pretty is a must for me. I love recreating looks I see on my favorite celebrities and showcased in those unread glossies.

I recently got contacts (although I am still in love with my funky specs) so I’ve been playing around with some of my favorite makeup trends.

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