6 Ways to Temporarily Dye Your Hair

3-bronzer-lgnMore than ever before, this seems to be the year for out-of-the-box hair color! Non-traditional shades of blue, grey, green and pink are all the way in and our favorite celebrities aren’t the only ones bold enough to turn up the volume on their hair. In fact, it has become common to see our everyday girls rocking what i like to call “statement hair.”

Now while you may be perfectly content with admiring this trend from afar, there are some who would like, if only for a brief time, to join the colorful movement. For those of you who aren’t quite ready to take the plunge but still want to get your feet wet, click through the ways to temporarily make your statement.

EYE SHADOW: I’ve been seeing this method a lot lately and I’m really impressed by professional-looking results. Not to mention, with all the eye shadow colors available, your options are far from limited.

What You’ll Need:
A very pigmented powder eye shadow
Hair wax or gel

How To: Grab a section of your hair you would like to color, place a piece of wax paper underneath the section, protecting the remainder of your hair from being colored. Coat the strand with hair wax or gel. Using a makeup brush or paint brush, paint the eye shadow over the hair and wait for it to dry completely.

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