L.A. Girl’s $7 Foundation Is Pretty Freaking Fantastic

LA Girl liquid makeupI was going to attempt to cut the wordiness of my posts down but cutting out the chit chat I normally put in them (like I’m doing here), but then it felt weird so here we are with the chit chat anyway…lol. After testing out the LA Girl concealers, I decided to also give their foundation a whirl—it had an impressive range of 17 shades and it’s only $7 so um yeah.

I got three shades: LM 966 Mahogany, LM 967 Cocoa, and LM 968 Espresso. Espresso was the closest match to my skin (you can see my foundation equivalents in other brands here) but oddly enough shade LM 967 Cocoa is darker than LM 968 Espresso. Dah well.

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