14-Year-Old Develops Beauty Specific YouTube Filter

iwtl-hypehairFourteen-year-old Georgia Becker may have just revolutionized the way we use YouTube. The daughter of DooBop creator, Jodie Patterson, has crafted a website that helps filter popular YouTube vloggers based on your personal characteristics.

I Want That Look (IWTL), was created to make finding helpful videos easy based upon your skin tone and techniques you want to learn.

“I was noticing the lack of filters on Youtube and how that made it harder to utilize what YouTube offered. My step dad, Joe, and I sat down and just starting spit-balling things that we look for in videos, be it the intensity of the makeup, or the colors being used, and how to make it more efficient for the user,” Georgia said in an interview with Ebony Magazine.

While Georgia isn’t sure if she wants to pursue a career in beauty when she gets older, she is certain that the beauty realm will be a part of her life forever.

Head to Ebony for the full interview.

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