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Hair Washing Regimen: Dry Detangle

dry-detangle-sisters-with-beauty-hypehairDoes it sound crazy to see the word dry in front of the word detangle? I’m sure the first introduction to this regimen isn’t always received well, but once you see it, you’ll understand. Let me break down the basics of the Dry Detangle and why every natural washing their hair should incorporate it into their wash day regimen.

What is a dry Detangle?

The extraction of hair that has shed and fallen out, but is still tangled in and around other hairs that are not detached. Got that? Good, wait go back and read that sentence again, slowly.

Why should you do a dry Detangle?

To rid yourself of these shed hairs and minimize the amount of additional hair you lose during the wash process.
Many complain about excessive shedding during the wash and detangle phase long after their hair is drenched with water. Doing a dry detangle before you wash your hair can improve your overall washing experience. An effective dry detangle can possibly minimize the tangles you experience during the wash phase because you would rid yourself of shed hair before you ever wet your hair. If you don’t do a dry detangle, this shed hair will become intertwined with hair that hasn’t yet detached. You’ve heard the phrase, misery loves company? Well, think about this as a concept when you wash shed hair. It’s a pull down ripple effect that I’m sure no one can afford to deal with.

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