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Banish Those Grays: Coloring Curls!

Coloring CurlsI have gray hairs!

Yes…the Dirty Thirty is creeping up on me, and it’s starting to show! Now don’t get me wrong- I loveeeee a good silver mane- gray hair can be elegant, refined, and dignified- especially when evenly distributed through the hair, or all over.

But that’s NOT Zola the Fro’la- my grays look like I have random dog hair in my head- lol – and that’s not hot.

Store bought box dye is loaded with HARSH chemicals that are terrible for Naturalistas. And you know I’m don’t play with my fro. Fortunately there’s a safe, damage and chemical free solution for curlies like us! HENNA!!!

I have always been a HUGE fan of Henna’s gentle yet permanent color depositing and rich deep red/brown/black tones. Just love it. And as an added bonus- Henna strengthens and softens your natural hair by binding to weak spots in your hair strand and thickening it up! It’s a win all around!

This isn’t my first time using Henna- and I’ve gone on and on about it’s awesomeness before- I talk about the brand of Henna I use, and give a full review, here, and I have ‘how to’ and ‘results’ pics here.

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