Ways to Prevent Your Man’s Premature Balding

black man baldingHave you ever been approached by a man who refuses to remove his hat? Or are you in a relationship with a man who has insecurities about his hair, or lack there of it? A growing number of men seem to be losing their hair at an alarming young age and while some embrace the change and morph into beautiful bald brothers, others are not so confident in losing their security blanket. What advice can we give our men?  What preventive measures can be taken? While there are several possible factors that can contribute, the majority of male pattern baldness can be attributed to heredity. Because of this, a thinning crown and receding hairline may seen discouragingly inevitable but there are some preventive measures that can be taken. Click though the list if 6 tips that may slow down the process and pass it on to the men in your life. 

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