Are Lace Front Eyebrows The Next Big Trend?

lacefront eyebrow Some will find this product extremely useful. It’s no secret that big, bold eyebrows are in, but what about those who are not genetically able to achieve this look? Or think about a cancer patient going the chemotherapy and experiencing extreme hair loss. Yes, lace front eyebrows may be more practical than we think!

Still can’t picture it? Well, much like lace front wigs, tiny hair extensions are sewn into a lace-like material and glued down right over the eyebrow, giving the illusion of a natural hairline. And just like the wig, there are those who are sure to go extremely overboard, but is there a chance that lace front eyebrows will become the next big trend? Will you try them?

Take a look at this YouTube tutorial below. It may change your mind…

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