Beauty & The Beat: Adrienne Bailon

Beauty & The Beat: Adrienne BailonWhat are some of your quick-fix makeup tips?
I’m a lash girl! I think the most important thing a girl could ever learn to do is put on a pair of lashes. I swear to you, you will look like you got your makeup professionally done. People will be like, “Wow!” It takes time, it takes effort, it takes practice. But, I think if you are leaving the office and have something to do tonight, if you can throw on a dope pair of lashes, do a liquid liner and add a red lip, you are going to look done and polished, clean, sexy and classic.

We love the fact that you are such a confident young woman. What is your secret?
My biggest message would be to find something you love about yourself and focus on it. If it’s your hair, if it’s your legs, if you think you have great skin, pump it up. Whatever is going to make you feel great about yourself, find that one thing you absolutely love and focus on it.

What do you think is the key to a healthy head of hair?
I think a lot of women try to do too much to their hair. When I had longer hair I was obsessed with a bun. It was the healthiest thing to do for my hair. Instead of using gel, I would use aloe vera gel, and that was my slick back. It keeps your hair really moisturized. Throw a leave-in conditioner in there.

Get into a routine. Get your hair done once a week and leave it alone. Wrap it before you go to bed at night, try not to put heat on it, and moisturize. Do a treatment once a week. Even if you can’t go and get your hair done, take the time once a week and say, “okay you know what? Maybe I’ll get up an hour earlier on Saturday. Let me put a treatment in my hair.” Or, the night before, sleep with a treatment, wake up, wash it out.

Do whatever your routine is, and make sure that you keep it consistent for the rest of the week. I’ve also learned not to bleach my hair so much. There are little tricks to the trade. Get pieces that you can snap right in.

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