Coloring Book: How To Select Your Shade

Razor cut with a precision cut bangSelecting a great hair color can be a challenging process. Our friends from Crème of Nature have some great advice on the subject.

Always consider your skin tone, natural hair color, wardrobe and career before making your color transformation. Taking your cue from on-trend hues, opt for shades that glow, such as Crème of Nature Red Copper and Golden Brown.

To match your skin tone, hold a hair swatch next to your skin. This will give you an idea of how your skin tone looks with different shades of hair color. In addition, the back panel on the coloring kit displays the expected color results based on your current hair color.

Still uncertain about your color choice? Try on a variety of wigs in different hues to give you a better idea of how a particular hair color looks next to your skin.

Warm skin tones look best in warm shades, while cool skin tones are best enhanced with cool shades of color. If you are attracted to warm shades, golden brown, copper bronze, or caramel blonde are good options. Dark brown, burgundy, jet black or ash blonde work well for those attracted to cool tones.

Pictured above: Make heads turn when you walk in the room with this look. The hair is razor cut with a precision cut bang. Two colors are used in the style, including a golden blonde and a copper hue.

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