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Moody Manicure: Endless Blue Animal Print

Endless Blue Animal Print ManiThen using that same brush, I began drawing semi-circles all over a few of my nails to form bases for the cheetah spots. Then, I placed about 2 drops of Sinful Colors, Nirvana on my scrap paper and used the large end of my dotting tool to place small dots of polish in the middle of the semi-circles to complete my spots.

I let my nails dry a little bit and then finished them off with Sally Hansen’s Clear Strengthening Top Coat. Lastly, I did a quick clean up with Q-tips dipped in Nail Polish Remover.

Stellar Tips:

One trick I’ve been using to speed up my dry time is running my hands under cold water and patting my palms dry on a towel. Once I let them air dry, I go around each nail with my cuticle oil pen and that’s it!

I’ll admit I was a little nervous trying this at first, but I did opt to use a piece of scrap paper to practice drawing a few zebra stripes before I tried it on my nails. This helped a lot because by the time I got around to drawing on my nail, it became almost effortless. I also did a few practice semi-circles for the cheetah print as well before trying it on my nails.

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