Salon Etiquette: 10 Do’s and Don’ts According to Hairstylists

hair salonThey always greet us with a smile, take care of our temperamental hair, and every couple of weeks, they recharge us with the confidence we need to get through our days. Our hair stylist often becomes our friend and even a confidant. They hold on to our secrets and hand out great advice.

Think about it: This is one of the few people we willingly allow to see us at, what we may consider, our worst. Does that not describe a person you want to keep happy? After all, they do care for one of our most prized possessions–our hair.

So when visiting The Beauty Bar in Richmond, Virginia this week, although I was greeted by happy stylists as always, I decided to dig a little deeper and find out what we, the client, can do to make them as happy as they make us. Let’s try a little salon etiquette. These are some of the things your stylist may want to ask you politely not to do.

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