Hype Chat: Tasha Smith Talks Beauty Secrets And Favorite Primetime Shows

Tasha-Smith-Interview-HypehairTasha Smith has an acting career as fabulous as her always tamed mane. The New Jersey native keeps her hair, nails and face picture perfect whether you catch her on or off set. With the new season of For Better or Worse hitting the tube every Wednesday at 9 p.m., the actress has some ideas in mind to take her character’s look to another level. “I definitely want to give Angela some color and something a little more funky,” says Smith. “I definitely want some highlights, some blonde, some honey blonde, some brown. Let’s funk it up a little bit.”

Understanding the process to look good like a pro, the 43-year-old actress doesn’t mind the time spent to maintain her look, even if that means frequent trips to the salon reapply her eyelash extensions.

“I get them done every other week,” she admits. “They last for a week and a half but, honey, we got to do it to stay beautiful. I love it. It takes an hour to get done. It’s like getting your nails done.”

Despite her lengthy beauty routine, Tasha is very much focused on her passion of acting and teaching that passion to others, who are currently in pursuit of their dream. Returning this year, Tasha will be teaching workshops in New York and Atlanta this summer to help others reach their goals.

“I love to teach acting. Teaching acting is one of the most fulfilling opportunities that I have in life and in art. I would love for people to register and to come to my workshop by going to TSAW.com. I’m only doing two this year so people have to sign up and let me empower them to pursue their purpose in the art.”

We caught up with Tasha for a quick scoop on what’s to come on this season of For Better or Worse, the beauty secrets she swears by and what shows she follows weekly. –Alley Olivier

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