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A 5-in-1 Product That Will Completely Change Your Wash Day

Gorgeous in Grey

I was dying to find out if this product actually did what it claimed so I used it right away. At first, the consistency surprised me. Then I remembered its clay, not a shampoo. Once I got passed that, the process was not bad at all. My first task was to test the detangling claim. I used about a quarter size on a section and began to run my fingers through. Normally I would use a detangling tool, but to my surprise I didn’t need one. The detangling process went fairly quickly.

I continued to massage the product in my hair and washed it out after a few minutes. The texture of the product is a bit gritty and I thought my hair would feel hard and gritty as well, but it did not. Instead it was soft and manageable. The other attributes this product claimed seemed to have worked as well.

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