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How To Get Sexy Bright Red Hair

bright red hair Question from RubyRedPunk: Hey Monae, I’ve been following your YouTube channel for a while. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to get sexy bright red hair and get it to last. I’ve been using Special FX but my hair fades to a weird orange color within a couple of weeks. What would you do to make it brighter and last longer?

Monae: Great question, a lot of people want those funky looks but have to deal with faded hair color, damaged hair, and skin stains. Here are a few tips for getting sexy bright red hair.

1) Use a protectant or vaseline before applying the hair bleach. Make sure not to use any peroxide/developer higher than a 20 volume so that you don’t burn your scalp.

2) Avoid some of the cheaper drug store hair colors. They tend to fade in an odd way. For this client I used this Joico Semi-Permanent Red. I only used one tube of the Joico color and the final results were gorgeous!

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