Singer SZA Loves Co-Washing and Coconut Oil

SZA natural hair SZA is the resident first lady of rap collective TDE, but the self-proclaimed tomboy has one of the greatest standout features any woman can have – a crown of über-voluminous natural hair. “My hair is definitely my saving grace where femininity is concerned,” she told Vogue.

The “Babylon” singer detailed her journey from a hijab-wearing middle schooler (“I broke so many combs and brushes growing up that eventually my mom decided that we should perm it.”) to the young woman who now obsesses over co-washing and coconut oil.

“I like to co-wash, which means washing without a shampoo,” she says, revealing her personal hair regimen. “I just use a conditioner and coconut oil, and then I rinse my hair with lukewarm water instead of hot water which strips hair of all the moisture. I make my own deep conditioner from coconut oil, avocado, a drop of Pantene’s conditioner for women of color, cinnamon, and tea tree oil.”

And it’s no surprise that the drying process for such a large bushel of natural curls takes time. “My hair takes days to dry so I usually blow-dry it out with a diffuser instead. l lean over the blow-dryer and divide my hair into four sections, but I never comb it through because it breaks up the curls. I use a silicone-based heat protector to keep it from getting super frizzy, and coconut oil, and that melts in your hand and won’t weigh your hair down either. I haven’t had a chemical relaxer for at least six or seven years.”

Read the full interview here.

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