Hype Men: What Did Nick Cannon Do To His Hair?

Nick CannonComedian Nick Cannon revealed a new cheetah-print hairstyle yesterday (March 31) on Instagram to a bunch of shocked fans. Before heading to Good Morning America, Mariah Carey’s hubby posted a selfie to show off blonde and black spotted ‘do:

I usually don’t do #Selfies but I think my new hairstyle is worth it! #Animal #TheWildLife #IFinallyLostIt#Cheetah #CantCatchMe #TooFast #TryToKeepUp#wppm #Ncredible

No word on why the funnyman switched up his look, but he did reveal that the process took “fives hours to do.”

These days Nick and Nicki Minaj, his wife’s sworn enemy, might not have too many things in common, but remember when the raptress rocked a cheetah-print wig? Did she inspire him to trade in his usual cut for a more adventurous style?

Either way, take a look at more pics of Nick Cannon’s new hairstyle on the next page. 

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