Braids 411: How To Remove Your Braids

Keri Hilson braidsTo begin, gather all your braids in a bun. Pull down one braid at a time to remove. This will help you to move faster and have a sense of order. If your ends are singed for closure, cut them and begin unbraiding from the bottom. Use your metal-point comb to assist in unbraiding. I find it easier to turn each braid on its backside and use the comb’s point to pick or slide through the braid. Comb out each section of hair as you remove your braids. When you reach your hairline, be careful. This area is very fragile. I highly recommend removing these braids with your fingers, as this method is less stressful on the hair. For knots and tangles in this area, gently slide through each section with a thin needle. Lastly, when removing braids it’s important to find your rhythm (uninterrupted movement). The more you concentrate, the quicker you’ll be done.

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