Hype Chat: Tracey Edmonds Dishes on How She Maintains Ageless Beauty and ‘Deion’s Family Playbook’

Tracey Edmonds

Hype Hair: For such a busy businesswoman, what’s the process life for your day-to-day hair care?

Tracey Edmonds: I struggle with my hair like everyone else does because my hair is on the dry side. Plus, it’s fine and gets thinner as I get older. I’m constantly deep conditioning my hair, so the product that I use most is the Moroccanoil. I use their shampoo and deep condition twice a week with that. I use the Moroccan oil on my scalp, then I take Keratin supplements for my hair. A lot of Omega-3 fish oil and flaxseed oil.

What are 5 beauty things you can’t live without?
TE: My Moroccan oil, my Bobbi Brown beige lipstick, I have a special dermatology cleanser for my skin, my musk oil fragrance, and my curling iron.

Our readers will probably run to pick up that stuff. I mean, you’re nearing 50 but don’t even look 40 years old. How do you keep your skin and spirit so ageless?
TE: I try to lead a clean life. I’ve never been a club chick, I drink a lot of water and eat super healthy, avoiding fried and junk foods. I’ve been on vitamins and herbs since I was 25 years old and I love to exercise. I grew up as a dancer and after I became an adult, I got into pilates and yoga and stuff. I workout with a trainer three times a week to keep my body in shape.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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