Actress Countess Vaughn Reveals Hair Loss From Wearing Lacefront Wigs

Actress and singer Countess Vaughn appeared on The Doctors last week to talk about the irreversible damage she incurred from wearing lace front wigs. The former Moesha star admits that she now draws in her hairline after suffering from a severe scalp infection, which resulted in hair loss and skin discoloration all along her hairline and under her eyes.

“The red flag was the oozing — from my ears, from my forehead, the whole nape around my head. The pus. It had a horrible smell. It was painful. I let this go by for six months. What I didn’t realize was I had a bad reaction to the glue that I used to apply the wig, so my hair started falling out. I didn’t want to make the connection. I mean come on, a wig can make you sick? No. No way”

Press play above for the full story and the health risks that may come along with instant hair gratification.

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