Hype Chat: Ngozi Opara’s Heat Free Hair Movement and 5 Biggest No-No’s For Naturals

Heat-Free movement

Do you offer all of the most common hair types?

Ngozi Opara: We pretty much cover all the natural hair textures. I haven’t met anyone who’s natural that hasn’t been able to find their texture in our collection.

Do you find that people are learning more about their textures and how to care for their hair with your line?

A lot of my newly naturals don’t really have the background or education in how to take care of their hair. They may get it off YouTube, so a lot of the feedback we get with heat-free hair is like, ‘Wow, I’m learning how to take care of my hair.’ In doing that, once their hair gets to a certain point, they’re pros at it. It gives people that practice time while their hair’s still growing and being protected.

What’s the worst hair situation you’ve ever encountered?

Ngozi Opara: I had a client that came in [with] what I thought was weave on her head. She said, ‘I saw some pictures online of you taking care of a woman who had bald spots, I thought you could take care of me.’ So when I went to cut out the wig that was stitched on, it wasn’t a few bald spots; her hair was clean, bald, like 70-80% of it. The only part that she had hair was where there was leave-out, and even those parts were so damaged that I literally froze. She explained to me that she gets perms on the same day that she gets her weaves or micro braids. It was probably the only hair experience that left me speechless for about 30 seconds to a minute.

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