Hype Chat: Ngozi Opara’s Heat Free Hair Movement and 5 Biggest No-No’s For Naturals

Heat-Free movement

Hype Hair: Can you explain your heat-free hair movement?

Ngozi Opara: It’s a protective style initiative I started a little over a year ago. It was inspired by all the natural woman that use weave for the protective style option but are limited to hair textures that don’t blend with their real hair. I was able to craft out three different types of hair that blend with the different grains of natural hair, starting with 3B and going all the way up to 4C. We sell western hair but also serve for a community for natural woman so they can learn how to take care of their hair.

When did you realize that your movement was necessary?

Ngozi Opara: One day I was taking out my client’s hair and the back of her hair was so full, thick, natural, and healthy and there was just that one little piece in the front that we had been leaving out to blend in with the weave that had so much heat damage. I felt like a hypocrite. I figured there really has to be a way for them to go heat- free and still have these growth results.

How has the response been?

Ngozi Opara: The response has been amazing. When it first launched last year, people were really excited and we definitely got a lot of support. It’s also a foreign subject to some women in the natural hair community, so we have gotten some people who just don’t understand it.

Are you able to straighten the weave textures?

Ngozi Opara: Heat-Free hair – even though it is different types of kinky, curly hair – is virgin hair, so it can be manipulated the way your natural hair would as well. You can straighten the hair. More recently I’ve done videos to show people the different setting styles you do to the hair. But the notion is to go without heat.

What is the most common question you get about your line?

Ngozi Opara: A lot of people are unsure of what their natural hair texture is so it’s not actually the hair itself, it’s moreso people needing the education on their hair type.

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