17 Craziest Hair Show Styles

Hair Race TrackWhen Chris Rock released his documentary Good Hair, he not only explored the subject of hair insecurities but also the world of hair competitions.

The most well-known hair show to many of us is the Bronner Bros.competition where bigger is always better, and if your hair tells a story, you’ve won already.

“Hairstylist and mane enthusiast come from all over the world to attend hair classes, visit beauty vendors, try new products and see hair battle competitions,” Tami of Talking With Tami told our readers in her recent Bronner Brothers Show recap. “What’s even more interesting is the hairstyles that flow in and out on the show during the four-day weekend event.”

There are numerous competitions that encourage the mixture of hobbies, drinks, automobiles, and fairy tales to create immaculate hairstyles. They are impracticable everyday styles but interesting sights to see, especially when taking in the amount of skill and artistry involved in the hairdo process.

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Detroit Hair Show

Photo Credit: David Yellen

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