Hype Men: The 10 Cutest Players You May See During in March Madness

Hype Hair Chane BehananAll of us might not care about when March Madness starts, or even the name of most of these college basketball teams, but we can tell you which players to keep your eyes on. Not because of their talent exactly, but because they’re incredibly handsome players.

With each weekend filling up with games and March Madness quickly approaching, we know you’re being either dragged to a bar with your guy or invited to watch parties with your bball-loving gals. To lessen your complete boredom by the lengthy games, we found the cuties you can be rooting for. Flip the page to see the top 10 cutest players you might see on and off the court.

Player: Chane Behanan*
Team: Louisville University Cardinals
Position: Forward
Jersey Number: #21

*No longer plays, but still makes our cut!

Photo Credit: Tumblr

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