Kelis Reveals Favorite Skin and Hair Products for ‘The Coveteur’

Kelis for The CoveteurKelis is an all-around vision of great personal style. Sporting soft, dark curls and dressed in a puffy, pink tutu, the singer/songwriter, set to release her forthcoming FOOD album in April, allowed The Coveteur into her vintage-inspired home.

Sure, the burgeoning chef showed off her “Rolls Royce of kitchens complete with the Maserati of ovens” cooking haven and “way packed” closet, but what about her favorite hair and beauty products?

Those to-die-for curls and pink pout are how-to beauty tutorials waiting to happen! Although Kelis didn’t elaborate on the items tucked away in, most likely, her bathroom, we did spot Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Spray, a Yes To product, Dove Summer Glow + Soft Shimmer Moisturizing Lotion, Kai Body Butter and Village Naturals Therapy Aches & Pains Mineral Shower Gel.

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