My Hair Dye Horror Story

The darkness of my hair and roots, as expected, meant I had to bleach my hair. Now, I know the horrible rep bleaching gets, but in order for me to achieve any color on my dark tresses, I’ve always utilized bleach and avoided any hair breakage (knock on wood).

So the bleach, as usual, was applied. I sat. And I sat. And after about 15 minutes, my roots lightened up. The color was worked throughout, and away to the dryer I went – the normal routine. Thanks to my trusty iPhone, I snapped an “on the road to red” selfie, but my hair appeared to be more liquid gold than fiery red. I assumed that the color hadn’t set yet and continued to wait under the dryer.

Now, while alarms were sounding off in my head, I stayed calm up until I sat in the stylist’s chair and saw that my roots were a bright, sunny yellow and the rest of my hair was a faux-ombre effect that moved from orange to brown tips. Shocked, I sat in a stunned silence was all I could meet my reflection with.

“You’ll have to give your hair a week before I can correct the color mishap,” the stylist said. “Luckily your complexion complements anything and you can certainly pull this off.”

“Mis, what?”

Not only did I have plans to meet up with friends in the next hour, I had a delusional stylist who thought my tricolored hair was the best thing since sliced bread. Kudos to my complexion? The show was forced to go on and while I really wanted to wear a hat I put my hair in a bun effectively hiding the orange portion of my hair.

The very next day my sister rectified the situation by applying a red rinse on top of my hair that took nearly instantly achieving my desired red hair with an undertone of brown at the ends of my hair. The obvious life lesson here is to spend the money on trusted hair colorists!

The red didn’t last long, since I chose to tone it down just before graduation, but it certainly was fun while it lasted.

Alley Olivier is a New York-based writer (and recent grad!) whose hair is now a mocha mahogany ‘fro. You can follow her @All3Y_B.

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About The Author

Alley Olivier is a New York-based writer (and recent grad!) whose hair is now a mocha mahogany ‘fro.