Traveling Hair Diaries: How I Found The Perfect Hairstylist in LA

Once I got my emotions fully in order, I tried my searching luck again, this time with “Natural Hair Stylists.” Thinking that maybe the term “natural hair” will resonate more with the hair professionals in the city of angles. I immediately get into a great dialogue with a stylist and I’m excited. I’m thinking “THIS IS IT! He’s the one,” then he asks what type of relaxer I use. Hmm, I thought we began our conversation with how love my natural coif, but maybe it’s just a misunderstanding. So when I explain to him that my hair is virgin, curly and kinky (yes, all three!), he tells me he only specializes in relaxed hair.

Sigh, I was so, so close.

Then, a miracle occurred through the form of social media. A friend e-wrote me about a hairstylist who travels from NY to LA and does house calls. Knowing her and her ever-flawless hairstyles, I took my chances and picked up the phone… again. Not only did he understand all of my hair requests, he even agreed to go with me to pick up my products and do an actual consultation to assess what would work best for me. All praises due to the hair gods, Elliott Simpson, was indeed a miracle worker. He came to my house fully prepared to put in a-day-in-the-salon’s work. We dyed, fried, and sewed in an LA-ready weave that any girl would be envious of. Thanks to Elliott, I was able to begin my new Los Angeles life freed of all hair anxieties.

Whitney Headen is a travel-obsessed, sales and marketing executive who is a connoisseur of all things hair. You can follow her adventures and hairstyles on Instagram at @whitneymari_.

Elliott, and all of his wonders, can be reached by email at

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