Burn Notice: The One Time My Hair Caught On Fire

The staff was kind enough to give me little bottles of hotel shampoo and offer to wash my hair in the spa facilities. Shortly after, I made my way back to the party, grabbing my gin & tonic and toasting to the sight of relieved faces from my coworkers, who immediately bellyached at my recent experience.

I would be lying to say that I didn’t panic at the thought of having to resort to a Cassie half-shaven ‘do or going completely bald eagle a la Coneheads, but I wasn’t exactly stressed out by the thought of losing my hair. I’ve had hair that ran the length of Pocahontas’ mostly out of procrastination to get a haircut moreso than separation anxiety. A part of me would have wanted half my head bare just to get the opportunity to tell folks how I got such a badass look, but I was also relieved that a little fire didn’t hurt nobody, er, me. Even if Alicia Keys’ blazing ode to confidence, “Girl On Fire,” now makes my memory chuckle, I pat myself on the back for never losing my cool. –Adelle Platon

Adelle Platon is a curly-haired writer for VIBE magazine and has the same impeccable laugh for everything. You can follow her @adelleplaton.

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